Hindu Youth Summer Camp - Organized by Sadhu Vaswani Center  New Jersey, USA



Karishma Vaswani- Director

Karishma is super ecstatic about HYSC 2017,  as this is her second year on staff.  Camp is like a second home to her as because she has been a part of the SV Gurukul and HYSC family for years. She first attended HYSC in 2014 as a counselor. She was a Head Counselor in 2015 and Program Co-ordinater in 2016, and is stoked to be Director this year. Karishma graduated from Secaucus High School and is a rising sophomore Rutgers University, where she is doubling majoring in biology and psychology and minoring in business on the pre- medicine track. She has always been a bubble of energy ready for all the fun activities and sports camp has to offer! She has been dancing since she was five and is currently a certified Zumba instructor as well as on a fusion dance team at Rutgers. She has attended Gurukul for 9 years and helped teach some classes as well. HYSC has taught and given her so much and she is excited to give all that she has back to camp environment. Karishma is looking forward to working with the staff, committee, volunteers and counselors to make HYSC 2017 the most unforgettable camp yet.



Jeevan Panjwani - Asstt. Director

Jeevan is thrilled to be a part of the staff for the second time in 2017. He first came to camp as a counselor in training in 2014. He had an amazing time at the camp and came back in 2015 as a counselor when he was selected as head counselor. Following this he came back one year later as a Camp Co-ordinator on staff. Jeevan has been attending Austin Community College in Texas for the past year and will be attending the University of Texas this coming fall to study Information technology in order to pursue a career in sound engineering. He brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge on Information Technology and music. He has been very inspired by the teachings at the camp and has learned a lot through the various programs, which the camp has offered. He has been very helpful to the staff at camp, choosing to assist anyone whenever he is able. Knowledgeable, friendly and always aware of the needs of others, Jeevan is ready to take up his position on staff and continue the wonderful adventure which is HYSC.



Drishti Ramchandani - Asstt. Director

Drishti is really excited to be part of the HYSC Staff of 2017, this being her 8th year at camp. "Delightful Drishti" as she was nicknamed is full of energy and is ready to spread the same vibe to all the counselors and campers! She has attended camp,four years as camper (out of which one year was as a CIT), one year as a counselor, one year as a head counselor, one year as a Staff Assistant and this upcoming year as an assistant director. She has really been inspired by the culture this camp has offered her, hence she has kept coming back year after year. HYSC has kept her connected to her roots and her heritage which makes this year even more special for her to have this opportunity to give back. Drishti graduated from Francis Lewis High School and is now attending St. John's University as a Junior, where she is majoring in Pharmacy. She has also been part of the Hindu Center Youth Association at her temple for six years where she has taught kids about the Hindu culture and heritage. She is looking forward to working with the staff, counselors, committee, and the amazing volunteers to make HYSC 2016 another memorable camp year.


Ankit Shingala - Camp Coordinator

Ankit  is thrilled to be a part of HYSC Staff for 2017. This will be his third year of camp where he was previously a Cabin Head for two years. He is full of enthusiasm as he is ready to spread his joy and love for the Hindu culture to the counselors and the campers. HYSC opened up his eyes to all of the great things that our culture has to offer. He believes that it is crucial to stay connected to one’s heritage as it is the gateway to gaining a positive influence in one’s life. Ankit graduated from the Academies@Englewood and is now attending Lehigh University where he is in an Integrated Business and Engineering program with concentrations in Biomedical Engineering and Finance. He is also involved in the Lehigh University Association of Student Alumni, Consulting Club, and is on the Board of Directors of the Residence Hall Association. Ankit strives to do what he believes is best for the camp and goes out of his way to help any counselors and campers that are in need of any assistance. As a result, he is fully ready to take on his position on staff and work with them as well as the committee, campers, counselors, and volunteers to make HYSC 2017 memorable for all.  .



Neha Mahtani - Camp Coordinator

Neha is very excited to be one of the new additions on the staff this year. She attended camp in 2015 as a counsellor and in 2016 was promoted to the role of head counsellor. She was born and raised in Bridgetown, Barbados and graduated from Harrison College in Barbados in 2015. She is now a sophomore at Rutgers University where she is studying Public Health. Culture is something that is very important to Neha, therefore, she has always been drawn to activities that allow her to better connect with her heritage. She is the Programming Chair of the Association of Indians at Rutgers and loves that she can take the lessons she learnt from her years of attending camp and apply them to her everyday life and activities. She is grateful for the opportunity and ability to give back to camp this year. Neha has also been dancing ballet and jazz from a very young age and now enjoys teaching the dance club and fitness club at camp the past two years. She has also spent her last two years on bhajan committee and looks forward to teaching bhajans and singing with the campers during pujas this year. Neha feels that it is important to be a role model for all the kids and counsellors attending camp and is looking forward to working with the staff, HYSC committee, counsellors, volunteers and the HVR staff this year in order to make camp an enriching and fun experience for everyone!.



Leena Rijhwani - Camp Coordinator

Leena has been attending camp since 2006 and is overjoyed about returning to her second home this summer as a part of Staff 2017. Over a decade, Leena has experienced practically all facets of camp--from the original Rochester camp site to Princeton-Blairstown Center, from bhajans to camp songs, and from youngest camper to head counselor. Attending Gurukul classes throughout her childhood, Sunday satsangs at the Sadhu Vaswani Center with her family, and HYSC every summer have kept her close to her roots and faith. Her favorite part about camp last year was having the opportunity to teach the Hanuman Chalisa to the entire camp, and her experience earned her the "Chanting Queen" award. Currently, Leena is a freshman in the Presidential Scholars Program at Boston College, studying Biology and International Studies on the pre-med track. At BC, she is active in Masti (South Asian dance team), Al Noor (Middle Eastern Studies Journal), GlobeMed (grassroots organizations' partner in addressing heath disparities worldwide), SASA (South Asian Student Association), and Eagle Volunteers. Her hope this year is to give other campers the experience she cherished so much over of all her time at camp, and she cannot wait for the best summer at HYSC yet!.


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