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 About Our Summer Camp 

Our Mission

Hindu Youth Summer Camp aims to enrich our campers' life by teaching them unique Hindu Dharma values and to inspire them to be proud of their rich Hindu heritage, in a fun-filled camp setting.

The Camp
Hindu Youth Summer Camp (HYSC) is a 2-week stay-over camp for youth 8 to 16 years old. The camp offers a truly unique experience and has welcomed enthusiastic youngsters every summer since 2005.

 This year's camp will be held at Pocono Resort and Conference Center, which is ideally suited for a summer camp. It is nestled in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in a picturesque forest setting. The resort is located in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania in Lake Harmony Township. 

What Campers Get Out of The Camp
Many of our campers discover HYSC to be a life changing experience! They gain: 
-    An increased awareness of unique Hindu Dharma values
-    A sense of high self-esteem and confidence in their Indian traditions and cultural background
-    Long lasting friendships with other campers which in itself are worth going to the camp
-    A unique experience each year as camp theme changes every year
-    Potential to become future counselors

Volunteers are selected based on their willingness to help with a variety of chores and ability to stay on site for at least four consecutive days. Limited number of parents are selected as volunteers.
Contact Us

If interested, please contact Prakash Tewani at or Ashok Lalwani at

A Day at The Camp
In the serene mornings amidst the pleasant surroundings of the campsite, campers enjoy nature walks, aerobics, chanting Sanskrit shlokas, and singing bhajans. They also learn to conduct traditional Hindu puja almost like pundits! During the day, campers participate in stimulating sports such as  swimming, hiking on a challenge course as well as nature trails, basketball, volley-ball and many others. Leisurely evenings allow campers to connect with each other, enjoy camp fires and entertaining cultural programs. Meal and snack times make for enjoyable breaks throughout the day.

Staff and Supervision
Majority of the camp activities and teaching programs are conducted by well-trained young staff, mainly camp directors and camp counselors. The reason for this approach is that the children are much more open to learn Hindu traditions from young adults whom they look upon as role models, rather than from parents or adults. Whereas counselors are responsible for the care of children for the duration of the camp, there is always ample adult supervision throughout the Camp, day and night.

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